Spray shields can be the solution to improve health and safety in industries where toxic chemical substances are being processed and where extreme temperatures occur in the installation. Spray guards are widely used in chemical plants, oil refineries, paper mills, food processing plants, steel mills, pharmaceutical plants and power generating plants worldwide.

Spray guards can prevent spray out, cover leak joints, seals, valves which can be safer option for employees and the environment. Flange guards can be made up of either metallic or non-metallic materials. Metallic flange guards are used in high pressure and high temperature applications.

Non-metallic flange guards are used where in the fluids which are being transported are corrosive in nature. Flange Guards or flange shielding come with a convenience of easily fasten onto the flanges. There are certain varieties of spray guards which detect leaks, especially useful in chemical acid industries.

They work on same principle as a pH indicator paper. Their color changes in case leak occurs and the fluid gets splashed on to the flange guard. Which can be quickly fixed before any catastrophic situation .