How Flange Guards Prevent Leakage?

Flange Guards are widely used in different industries where they give protection from the catastrophic effects of dangerous spray outs. Its primary function is to give protection and therefore these are also known as safety shields. These are accessible in varied shapes and sizes, so, you can PTFE flange guards (India) choose the one which suits your industry needs. Now the biggest question is that how they actually give prevention from leakage? Basically, these are specially designed with Polypropylene, Polyethylene and many other types of materials, which help it to prevent from catastrophic effects of spray outs. One thing you should keep in mind is that these are easily fitted on all pipes up to 200°C and are very easy to install with 2 tie cords.

Another thing you have to understand before installing is that these are designed to stop the chemical from flowing out till the isolation of pipe. It simply means that it gives you time to take necessary action. It reduces the risk of operator and plant damage and highly recommended by various insurance companies. Its-main property is UV resistant, with the PH indication patch. This patch changes its color and gives an indication of a leak in advance. Flange Guard manufacturers design or develop it by following harsh and strict industry guidelines to ensure its safety feature. These guards do not require any specific tool for its installation and just a work of a few minutes.

These shields are designed for single to multilayered clear cloth for easy visibility of the leak. These are available in different material and can be customized as per the need of the application. It is highly appreciated in various chemical industries because it reduces the effects of leakage to the man and material of an industry. It is an important factor in risk management and therefore most of the chemical, plastic, pharmaceutical and food industries use these shields to avoid the situation of leakage in pipe joints.

No doubt, every industry wants to avoid this dangerous situation because it’s a matter of the safety of man and material which they cannot take for granted. Therefore, every chemical industry must install this safety shield in the pipe joints to avoid the situation of a leak. When it comes to buying such an advanced technology you should consult your nearest PTFE Flange Guard manufacturers. These shields are a must for the safety of your industry and you should give it a try.

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