Condominium ownership is more than Normanton Park Condo an investment in real estate. The condominium is part of a group of residential units where the occupants own their individual unit area, and all the residents share ownership of common use spaces. The main dream for most holders is to continue living in the condo and be able to sell their unit for a fair value dollar at any moment.

There are many compelling reasons to buy a condo in Singapore. Among the most prominent is their enduring success over time. Another advantage is the external and structural upkeep aspect of condo ownership. Insurance and other amenities will also be cheaper.

The condo owner must maintain the interior of the unit, not the exterior and structural construction. If someone is looking for a luxurious and quiet condo with a beautiful view at an affordable rate, then Normanton Park is the best decision. Normanton Park offers an opportunity for those looking at a condo with an extensive offering facility with catching views.

from Kent Ridge Park MRT. Other MRT stations nearby include One-North, Haw Par Villa and Queenstown. Its strategic location makes traveling convenient and is well-connected to multiple amenities such as Science Park and National University Hospital. Business hubs nearby include One-North Business Park and Mapletree Business City.

While being in close proximity to this vibrancy, the vast nature of Kent Ridge Park is right at your doorstep. Enjoy an evening stroll to parks in the vicinity such as HortPark, Telok Blangah Hill Park, Labrador Nature Reserve, and Mount Faber Park.