Depending where in the world you live, you are either RemoteHub already working remote, getting ready to start a two-week period of working remote or contemplating the idea. These measures are implemented to avoid the spreading of the COVID-19 pandemic known as coronavirus. For some of you, working remote is just another option, for others this might be a completely new environment you are forced to follow.

While staying healthy is everyone’s priority, cyber safety should be in consideration for every remote employee. Working at home means lower security measures and a higher chance of cybercrime.Whether you are using the company’s laptop or your own, here are five recommendations for safe remote working while we ride the coronavirus outbreak.

A solo founder bootstrapping RemoteHub – a place to discover the best remote jobs and learn about remote work from the leading distributed teams.I’ve been working on my website for almost a year now. I’ve added many features, and removed as much – bootstrapping a startup is an ever changing process.

I’m happy that RemoteHub is making its first revenue  there is a growing community of remote work enthusiasts joining the site, and I’m sad that a lot of people are writing to me that they’ve lost their job due to COVID-19 and as spending their last money on groceries are now looking for a remote job.

I enjoy making stuff on the Internet, and RemoteHub is my contribution to the remote work revolution that’s happening right now.