Voyance is an AIOps platform that extends far beyond traditional  infrastructure monitoring, combining powerful network analytics and IoT security in a single platform. Voyance collects an unmatched set of data sources and provides end-to-end visibility of how network clients are behaving. The AI-powered analytics engine processes this data into actionable information and recommendations allowing you to proactively optimize your network and avoid problems.

Voyance is a robust platform offering an extensive set of vendor and technology integrations to deepen data collection and extend value across the enterprise. For example, Voyance can analyze information directly from applications, Citrix virtual environments, and Unified Communications (UC) solutions.

The platform integrates with external frameworks such as SIEM solutions, Cisco Platform Exchange Grid (pxGrid), and Aruba ClearPass. Native integration with ServiceNow automates trouble ticket generation and a direct interface to asset management. A Secure API using GraphQL allows customers to access Voyance data for further analysis with external tools and custom applications. Automatic can be sent via SMS or email as well as through native Slack integration.

Voyance is a SaaS solution primarily deployed as a public cloud and also available as a private cloud. Cloud-sourcing is used to further extend the value of the product, providing massive data sets for machine learning, and the ability to benchmark performance across industry peers. By continuously monitoring millions of IoT devices, the platform enables a global view of IoT behavior, security threats and performance of similar devices.

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