World of Warcraft – Class Changes Coming On January 12th

It’s no secret that World of Warcraft classes are not balanced. This has been an ongoing issue since day one back in 2004 when the famous MMORPG went live. Class tuning is among the most common updates we see in the game. With the release of the Shadowlands expansion, new class mechanics were implemented and new features, such as the covenant ability, came into play. All these updates shifted the balance making some classes better than the others. While it’s practically impossible to have perfect class balance, some of the Shadowlands specs and classes are becoming less popular because their performance is not good. Players who pick a certain class or spec might have troubles finding a spot in a raid or mythic+ dungeon group, especially when it comes to pugging, because everyone wants the top-performing classes. Blizzard has announced a series of changes that are meant to buff the most undesirable class specializations. Let’s see what this is all about.


Blood and Frost Death Knight are among the specializations that are getting updated. For the Blood specialization, the Bone Shield armor has been increased to 70% strength from 50%. Frost Death Knights deal 2% more damage while they wield a two-handed weapon. Frost Mages get a 9% increase to all their damage-dealing spells. Windwalker Monks get 2% more damage if they use a two-handed weapon. The same goes for Brewmaster Monks. Assassination Rogues get an 8% buff to all their abilities that deal damage. Fury Warriors get the 8% buff as well, however, Dragon Roar and Bladestorm abilities are excluded from this. The Meat Cleaver talent has been reduced to 25% more damage for Whirlwind. It used to be 30%. If you have following the latest DPS rankings, you are well aware that some of these specs, Frost Mage and Assassination Rogue notably, were some of the worst DPS specializations. Let’s hope that this update will make these specs better so that players who like them can go back to playing the game the way they want to. The update also includes one PvP tweak that will make players drop flags when they use Podtender. The update should come with or before the weekly reset on January 12th. The latest hotfix took place on January 8th. It included changes to covenants, Torghast, world quests, and items. What do you think of these class changes? Is your favorite specialization among the ones to benefit from the updates?


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