World of Warcraft – The Beasts Of Prodigum Are Coming To Torghast

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands came with a new activity called Torghast, Tower of the Damned. Now, several weeks after the expansion was released, more features are added to the tower. These features come in the form of modifiers that have the purpose to change the way the tower plays. They make the game more interesting. The first event that comes to the tower is called Beasts of Prodigum. It will be available starting with the week of January 12th. There are no official announcements about the contents of the event but, thanks to data mining, we have the spells that will come with the event. Let’s see what we can expect from it.


There are three new spells. Each one is related to one of the three beasts. Chain of Command summons Horgul. This is a shade hound that stuns enemies and makes them attack it. Valioc is called with the Shade Essence Lure spell. This beast is a soul eater that has a silence spell and does AOE damage. Nal’rari, the soul hunter, will boost the combat spells of its allies. This beast is called with the Wailing Pendant spell. The event also includes anima powers. Players will be getting their very own Maw beast that acts as a pet. It will help you defeat enemies and clear Layer 8 of the tower. Let’s check out the anima powers. We have the Infused Flesh that reduces the pet’s special ability by 50%. Runic Etchings boost its HP by 50%. Hungering Anima makes it deal 50% more damage and lose 2% HP per second in combat. Unnatural Claws give the pet AOE damage. Satchel of the Hunt increases movement speed by 20% for you and your party. Symbiotic Essence makes the pet’s healing 50% better and heals its master too. Stygian Victuals allow the pet to regenerate 2% HP when it’s not fighting. Anamnestic Memories increase the pet’s speed by 50%, it will also get the loot for you. Volatile Augury kills the pet when its HP is low and deals AOE damage. Collar of Teeth is a 20% damage increase.


This is just the first of the three events that will come to the tower in the next months. It’s important to note that these events, Beasts of Prodigum included, don’t have any new rewards for those adventuring into the tower. Are you excited about these events or do you prefer to keep the tower in its original form?


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